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  • Walk2Help Lets You Walk To Support Charities and Causes

    Android Static (Feb, 2012)

    Walk2Help is a striking, beautiful and well-designed app. Minimalism and simplistic layouts give Walk2Help street cred as an app that you, and many others, will use.

  • Walk2Help or 'Walking as a Cause'

    3e-news (Jul, 2011)

    The result is a perfect win-win situation - walking for health, you protect the nature and help people in need, and companies receive impressive and powerful advertising on the Internet. Regardless of gender, race, age and location - anyone can go on foot and help.

  • Team Walk2Help Wins Imagine Cup 2011 Bulgaria Finals

    Imagine Cup Official Blogs (May, 2011)

    Enthusiasm, excitement, and inspiration filled the Microsoft office in Sofia, Bulgaria on April 30, 2011 for the Imagine Cup 2011 Bulgaria finals. Four teams from Bulgaria’s four largest universities reached the Bulgarian Imagine Cup finals after months of hard work and sleepless nights.

  • Walk2Help great success — 98 vaccines instead of 50!

    Animal Rescue Sofia (Feb, 2012)

    The Walk2Help initiative has been a huge success! Thanks to the 49 people who joined and walked 500km with their smartphones tuned in — we received 500BGN for 50 vaccines from the sponsor DAVID holding.